• David Arnott - Architect MRAIC

    STARK was founded by David with three main goals; to create a fun and creative studio, to integrate technology and green building techniques into a design and to build lasting relationships with clients. Prior to setting up STARK, David split his career between public Architecture and high end residential design. David graduated from Architectural programs in Edinburgh and Stockholm. David is currently registered in B.C and Alberta and is also a Certified Passive House Designer.
  • Charlie Petit - MArch

    A globe trotting designer with experience in New York, Belgium and France. With over ten years experience, Charlie brings a unique and ever evolving style as well as a wizardry with all software. Charlie is currently working towards full accreditation in B.C. and is currently a Certified Passive House Designer.
  • Wilrose Pingol - B.Sc Arch

    A passionate and skilled illustrator and designer; Wilrose joined STARK straight after completing her B.Sc Arch from BCIT. Already able to manage multiple building types and projects, she has quickly adapted to the many different projects we have. She is also beginning to like Charlie and Davids music choices.. almost. Wilrose is also a Certified Passive House Designer.